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Welcome to the PTS Strength & Conditioning Room

PTS - The Source for Sport and Performance Training. We specialize in Athlete Development.
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On these pages you will find innovative and effective Strength and Conditioning and Athlete Training exercise videos. We have divided our catalogue of videos in efforts of making your search easier and faster.

The Team at PTS is constantly updating our volume of exercise videos so be sure to check back regularly to see what's new.

Search through our collection of Exercise Videos and integrate them into your workouts!

Medicine Ball Push-Up - Alternating

Cable Chest Flyes

Kneeling 1-Arm Cable Chest Press

Bench Throws

Clean & Jerk

Iso-Lateral (1-Arm) Power Snatch

Body Squat to Dumbbell Press
Bent-Over Olympic Bar Back Row

Lateral Lunge to Plate Press

Lateral Lunge to Iso-Lateral Bar Press

Squat to Iso-Lateral Bar Press
Bulgarian Squat to Plate Press

Split Squat to Torso Rotation Stretch

T-Bar Row with Olympic Bar
Plyometric Push-Up on BOSU Ball
Plyometric Push-Up on BOSU Ball - Side-2-Side
Push-Up hold to alternating 1-Arm Dumbbell Row
Stability Ball Push-Up: Feet on Ball
Stability Ball Push-Up: Hands on Ball

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