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Improve your Athletic Performance - Build your Lower Body
Search through our collection of Exercise Videos and integrate them into your workouts!

The Lower Body is the functional base of all sport and athletic movements - speed, power, agility and other all physical abilities associated with effective athletic movements originate in some form from the strength and force outputs generated in the legs.

The goal of a training athlete is the development of a functional and dynamic strength profile, where they are able to repeatedly exert quick maximal and sub-maximal strength outputs in both controlled and uncontrolled postures.  These physical capabilities are effectively developed when the athlete integrates various training phases into their training programmes - dedicating time to enhancing their maximal strength outputs, their mobility under various training loads and their strength / force outputs in varying metabolic conditions. Simply put, effective Lower-Body Training includes the implementation of a periodized training structure, where the athlete integrates a variety of lower body movement patterns in varying load conditions. For assistance in developing an effective, training season-specific (Off-, Pre-, In-Seasons) do not hesitate to contact us.

You will not find "open-kinetic-chain" exercises on this page, as it is the opinion of Performance Training Systems (PTS)that outside of a rehabilitation training environment, an athlete should concentrate on "closed-kinetic-chain" movements - that is, feet on the ground, bench or some other training surface, exerting force through the body. PTS recommends that every athlete integrate the Back Squat, the Lunge, Deadlift (and / or variations of these exercises), and some type of Squat to Press movement into their Lower-Body Training.

Knee Hug to Forward Lunge with Torso Rotation Stretch
Back Squat
Squat to Hamstring Stretch
Split Squat to Torso Rotation Stretch
Walking Lunge with lateral Torso Flexion
Bulgarian Squat on BOSU Ball
Deep Lateral Lunge - Shuffle
Clean & Jerk
Quadruped External Hip Rotation with Leg pushes and pulls
Body Squat to Dumbbell Press

Sumo Squat - Body Weight

Olympic Bar Step-Ups
Bench Step-Ups with Weight Plates
Bulgarian Squat to Plate Press

45o Diagonal Lunge on Stability Ball

45o Diagonal Lunge with Stability Ball on BOSU Ball

Iso-Squat Row with Olympic Bar
Alternating Leg Box Jumps
Bulgarian Squat with Dumbbells
Forward Lunge with Dumbbells
Knee Stand Lateral Bounding
Lateral Bounding on BOSU Ball
Stability Ball Hamstring Curls
Uni-Lateral Stability Ball Hamsting Curls

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