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Train your Core!
Search through our collection of Exercise Videos and integrate them into your workouts!

"Core Training", as an 'object' refers to physical training that targets the musculature of the abdomen, back, and pelvis.  "Core Training" as a 'process' refers to the execution of movement patterns that simultaneously activate co-contracting muscle groups through varying degrees of stabilization and force production outputs.

When attempting to optimize "Core Strength" the training athlete or coach requires a basic understanding of the anatomical functions of the core musculature, and the concepts of co-contraction and muscle chains. The "Core" muscles function to stabilize the body through static and dynamic movements. As 1 muscle contracts, so does another, and then another in a graded and synergistic fashion based on the demands of the movement and strength profile of the athlete.

Athletes participating in fast, dynamic sports, where quick, reactive and forceful movements are key elements to performance success must train their "Core" musculature through similar movement patterns, so that the "Core Strength" developed through training is specific to the demands of the sport being played.

Recommendations include incorporating rotational or reactive movements, stabilization holds with iso-lateral movements, and weight training exercises that force the athlete to hold and stabilize their bodies while lifting, pushing or pulling a resistance. Sit-Ups and traditional crunches may be popular exercises, but for the training athlete, the bring very little in terms of improving athletic performance.

The collection of "Core" exercises provided below will train functional core strength that has direct transfer and application to sport performance. Try'em out and let us know what you think!

Plank with Arm Extensions

Plank with Leg Lifts

Plank with alternating Arm & Leg Extensions

Quadruped Glute Pushes

Kneeling on Stability Ball - Puck Catching Reaction Drill

Back | Glute Bridge

Back | Glute Bridge - Marching

Back | Glute Bridge on Stability Ball - Marching

Back | Glute Bridge on Stability Ball

Back | Glute Bridge with Iso-lateral Leg Hold

Standing Diagonal Weight Plate Pull-Over with Dynamic Hip Flexion

Kneeling 1-Leg Kick-Out with Diagonal Pull-Over

Kneeling Cable Chop

Standing Cable Axe Chop
Standing Cable Axe Chop on BOSU Ball

Kneeling Adductor Kick-Outs
Isometric Squat with Bar Row

Quadruped Arm & Leg Extensions | "Bird Dog"
Supine Leg Extensions | Glute Pushes

Torso Rotation in Hip Flexion

Walking Lunge with Torso Rotation

Weighted Body Squats on Stability Board

Body Squats to Weight Plate Press on Stability Board

Stability Ball Roll-Outs
Push-Up hold on Stability Ball - Leg Pulls & Pushes

Stability Ball Push-Up - Hands on Ball

Split Squat Torso Rotation Stretch

Side Plank with bottom Leg Pulls & Pushes

Side Plank with Leg Hold

Side Plank with Leg Lifts

Push-Up hold to Dumbbell Row

Reverse Crunch

Supine Leg Lift Crunch

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