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The Lower Body is the functional base of all sport and athletic movements - speed, power, agility and other all physical abilities associated with effective athletic movements originate in some form from the strength and force outputs generated in the legs.

The goal of a training athlete is the development of a functional and dynamic strength profile, where they are able to repeatedly exert quick maximal and sub-maximal strength outputs in both controlled and uncontrolled postures.  These physical capabilities are effectively developed when the athlete integrates various training phases into their training programmes - dedicating time to enhancing their maximal strength outputs, their mobility under various training loads and their strength / force outputs in varying metabolic conditions. Simply put, effective Lower-Body Training includes the implementation of a periodized training structure, where the athlete integrates a variety of lower body movement patterns in varying load conditions. For assistance in developing an effective, training season-specific (Off-, Pre-, In-Seasons) do not hesitate to contact us.

You will not find "open-kinetic-chain" exercises on this page, as it is the opinion of Performance Training Systems (PTS)that outside of a rehabilitation training environment, an athlete should concentrate on "closed-kinetic-chain" movements - that is, feet on the ground, bench or some other training surface, exerting force through the body. PTS recommends that every athlete integrate the Back Squat, the Lunge, Deadlift (and / or variations of these exercises), and some type of Squat to Press movement into their Lower-Body Training.

Knie umarmen - Ausfallschritt vorwärts - Rumpfrotation
Kniebeugen zur Ischiocuralen Dehnung
Statischer Ausfallschritt zur Rumpfrotation
Laufender Ausfallschritt zur lateralen Rumpfbeuge
Bulgarische Kniebeugen auf dem BOSU-Ball
Tiefer Ausfallschritt im Laufen (seitlich)
Clean & Jerk
Externe Hüftrotation im Vierfüsslerstand mit drücken & ziehen des Beins
Kniebeugen zur Presse (mit Kurz-Hanteln)

Sumo Kniebeugen

Step-Ups mit der Lang-Hantel (Olympic Stange)
Step-Up mit Gewichtscheiben
Bulgarische Kniebeugen zur Gewichtsschreiben Presse

45o diagonaler Ausfallschritt auf dem Gymnastikball

45o diagonaler Ausfallschritt auf den Gymnastik- und BOSU-Bällen

Vorgebeugtes Stange ziehen
Box Sprünge (von Seite zu Seite)
Bulgarische Kniebeuge (mit Kurz-Hanteln)
Ausfallschritt nach vorne mit Kurz-Hanteln
Laterale Sprünge aus dem Knien
Laterale Sprünge auf dem BOSU-Ball
Bein ziehen mit dem Gymnastikball
Einseitiges Bein ziehen mit dem Gymnastikball

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