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You're watching PTS Training Talk Segment 4: Stretching
Training Talk is another attempt by Performance Training Systems to bring you, the competitive or recreational athlete, coach or parent, innovative and industry leading sport science and training advice.

Comprised as a series of short video clips shot on location, each clip is designed to introduce you to, and educate you on, training practices and techniques that have the ability to take your performance to a higher level.

If you would like more information on each of the concepts presented in our Training Talk segments, please refer to Performance Training Systems' Science of Sport page, or contact us.
Training Talk Segments
Segment 1: Is Aerobic Conditioning Appropriate for Baseball Players? | Watch |
Segment 2: Performance Training Systems' Position Stand on Creatine Use. | Watch | Learn More...
Segment 3: Altitude Training | Watch |
Segment 4: Stretching | Watch |
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