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Welcome to PTS
Sport-Specific Training

PTS - The source for Sport and Athletic Training.  We specialize in Athlete Development.
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PTS specializes in the development of sport-specific training programs for individual athletes and sport teams.

We develop our programs through a collaborative consultation process with our clients, and integrate the variables the age, physical capability, performance / training goals, and competitive level  into our program designs and training models.

PTS has worked with athletes representing a wide range of sports and competitive levels.  In efforts of harmonizing our program offers, PTS has created 8 signature "PTS Sport-Specific Training Programs".

For further information on these signature programs, please click any of the sport-specific page links below. 

PTS Ice Hockey

PTS Soccer

PTS Golf
PTS Baseball & Softball PTS Marathon & Triathlon PTS Ski & Snowboard
PTS Football PTS Basketball
Different Sport?

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Client Testimonials
"PTS was contracted to develop, implement, and manage the off-ice training for the EHC Basel Young Sharks.  Services also included performance testing and the development of training programs for the Junior and Novice Teams.  PTS works individually with players, designing and integrating elements of specificity, making sure that each player improves their performance and where they need it.  The EHC Basel Young Sharks are impressed and extremely satisfied with the work and commitment shown by PTS.  We hope to continue to work with PTS, and to benefit from their expertise and know-how."
- Oliver Sutter, Manager Sport Performance, EHC Basel Young Sharks

"To be cleared to play soccer after my ACL surgically repaired, I was told I needed to strengthen my quadriceps. Eric performed a functional strength assessment when we first met, and designed a return to sport rehabilitation program specifically for strengthening and improving my knee's stability. He worked with me one-on-one, reiterating that the exercises were all about technique and dynamic movement. The work-outs were tough but from his continued support and encouragement, I knew I was progressing because I was taught proper exercise technique, and I could feel my knee getting stronger. Eric kept tabs on my program, which kept evolving and became more challenging as I progressed. I was cleared to play in the short timeframe I proposed, and continue to seek Eric and Performance Training Systems ever training to become a stronger and smarter player."
- Natalie, Varsity Soccer, Ontario University Athletics

"When I started with Performance Training Systems I was not in shape and could not run for a minute straight, now I can run 5Km in under 40 mins. I had tried a gym membership but stopped using it because it wasn’t convenient. I went to PTS and told them my goal was to get healthy without a gym. They worked with me to create a program that fit my lifestyle and my goals. They motivated me through the hard times to the point where working out is no longer something I have to do but something I want to do. Being a bigger girl with low blood pressure I was always intimidated walking into a gym, I felt like I didn’t belong there. With Performance Training Systems, I belonged, we were a team, friends and we worked together. It is a great experience."
- Anne-Marie, PTS Client

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