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PTS Training Tracking & Performance Analysis

PTS - The source for Sport and Performance Training. We specialize in Athlete Development
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How do you measure the success of your Training?
Would you like more information about your training?
Would you like to have an analysis of your training performances?

PTS, through the use of our Training Tracking and Performance Analysis reports, makes Tracking the effectiveness of your Strength and Sport Training simple, fast, and easy.

As a leader in the development of Athletic Training Programs and Support Resources, PTS makes it possible for you to track and analyze your the effectiveness of your training.
PTS Training Tracking and Performance Analysis Services begins with either a personal consultation with the athlete, parent coach, or team, or with the completion and submission of our on-line Form. It is during this consultation that we determine the,  Team Training and Sport Performance Factors that are important for the athlete to measure gains in their Athletic capabilities. It is during this consultation where we create the foundation for our Performance Reports.

What we offer to our clients is a Sport Specific context. Not all sports are characterized by the same physical capabilities, nor are these capabilities of equal importance at every age group. PTS provides our clients with a framework of expectation based on published, and anecdotal Sport Specific Performance standards. The expectations and standards, in addition to the expectations and targets of the coaching staff and athlete, provide the basis for our analytical reviews.

Every Training and Performance Report includes a Pre- and Post-Training data Tables and Graphical representations for all Tracking variables of absolute, and percentages of change during the training period. From this quantitative perspective, PTS summarizes, and provides analysis and recommendations for future Training goals, strategies, and methods.
PTS Training Tracking Variables
PTS Tracks and Analyzes the following standard Variables:
(Click here for a expanded list of these variables)

- Anthropometric Measurements
- Work-Out Training Loads
- Cardiovascular Factors
- Sport Specific Performance Variables
- Health & Fitness Standards

PTS Training Reports and Tracking Worksheets

All PTS Tracking files are based in Microsoft Excel, and are completed / filled out by the client. Some PTS Tracking files have embedded formulas for direct output analysis.
The following are examples of PTS Tracking files, and Reports.

Click the link for a photo copy.

- PTS Training Report Summary Here
- Training Monotony (Over-Training Analysis) & Cardiovascular Training Report Here
- PTS Athlete Profile Here
- Daily Training Load Tracking Here
- Strength Training Workout to Workout Load Comparison Here
- Team Performance Characteristic Ranking Table Here
- Athlete Fitness Testing Tracking Table Here

To purchase any of the PTS Training Tracking files and Performance Analysis Reports click here.
PTS Sport Combine Fitness Testing Service

Young athletes looking to compete at the Junior, collegiate, or National levels of their sport will be evaluated not only by the success on the field of play, but they will also be evaluated on their Physical capabilities - linear speed, absolute strength, power outputs, and so on. Teams, leagues, and coaches often use test batteries, often in a 'Combine' style (all players at one location at one time) to help them in their player selection processes.

Performance Training Systems' Combine Training and Testing program works with athletes with the specific goal of performing to the best of their abilities at a Training Combine.

PTS Football Combine Testing Program

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