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PTS Training Program Design

PTS - The source for Sport and Athletic Training.  We specialize in Athlete development.
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Super-sets, progressive linear loading,  plyometrics, eccentric loading, periodized design, sport-specific physiological demand profiles, energy system development and so on.  Are these concepts new to you?  Are you wanting to maximize the results of your training?

As a specialist in Athletic Training Program Design, PTS works with our clients as a  training partner, integrating the appropriate training concepts and factors that develop the strength, speed, and power capabilities required for athletic and competitive success.
Daily Training Load

PTS Training Program Design Services

At PTS we design Training Programs for individual athletes and teams, and deliver our programs electronically as interactive .pdf files.  Every recommended exercise included in our training plans have an embedded video link.  This innovative program design format allows our clients to bring their training plans with them to their training facility via a handheld, wi-fi capable device (Smartphone, tablet, laptop etc.).  Clients can load their training plan, click the exercise video link and view proper exercise technique while performing their workout.

PTS Training Plans include recommendations for all elements of Training Load (reps, sets, weight per rep, movement speeds, exercise sequencing, and work to rest ratios).
Available PTS Training Program components
(Clients can choose individual resources in building their Training package):

- Weight Training Program for Strength
- Weight Training Program for Muscular Power
- Training for dynamic & static stability
- Training for sport-specific speed 
- Sport-specific conditioning (Energy system development) training
- Monthly, Weekly, Daily Training schedule
- Sport & Season specific periodized training structure
- Medical | Rehab Training Programs
- Training Load tracking and analysis tables

PTS consults with each of our clients individually in developing and preparing our Training Plans. Every Training Plan is unique, specific, and based on the demands of our clients. Begin training with a PTS designed Training Plan, and enhance your sport performance and physical capabilities. Click here to purchase a PTS designed Training Plan
Sample Team Training Program

This Program was intended to be hung in the weight room at the team's home arena.  
Sample Individual Training Program

This program was created for a 4-Week Training Period.

PTS Original "Sport-Specific Training" Research

- A Theoretical Review of Plyometric Training and it's Role in Athletic Training
- Time Motion Analysis & Physiological Demands of Div I NCAA Football
- Physiological Demands of CHL Hockey

Training Program Design Articles

- Bioenergetics: Ice Hockey
- An integrated approach to reduce injuries in soccer
- Medicine Ball Training for Improves Bat Speed

Periodized Training Program Design

Above: A sample periodized plan for Canadian Junior Hockey.

Are you wanting to maximize your training so that you peak at the right times of year? Gains in strength, power, speed, and energy system development all occur during the regeneration phase after a training session.  Periodization is a method of structuring a Training Plan that integrates a variety of training variables (goals, training availability etc) so that the athlete optimizes their Training and Regeneration phases throughout a training cycle.

PTS will work with you to develop a Year or Season-long periodized Training plan. Please fill out the E-Mail contact form below to begin developing your Training Plan with us.


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