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Performance Training Systems Sport Nutrition services is our commitment to educate our athletes about, and to promote to them, safe and effective exercise and healthy living nutrition practices.

It is a well known fact that one's nutritional habits play a significant role in their training, athletic performance, and general body composition, however, many athletes and recreationally active people have difficulty, or do not know how to maximize their nutrition to get the most out of their training and athletic endeavors.

The concepts of exercise supplementation, nutrient timing, nutrition for weight management, hydration, and pre- and post-workout nutrition, as well as sport-specific nutritional guidelines will be covered in Performance Nutrition. As President & Director of Athletic Conditioning, I would like to encourage you to review the information on these pages, and to contact one of our Performance Nutritionists if you have any questions about our Performance Nutrition Services.
Personalized Performance Nutrition Plan Team Performance Nutrition Counseling Weight Management Nutrition Planning
Created for the athlete in training, Performance Training Systems Personalized Performance Nutrition Plan is a daily nutrition plan developed by one of our Performance Nutritionists in consultation with you, you're lifestyle, training demands, and performance goals. Designed for coaches and team management personnel, our Performance Nutritionists will consult with you to prepare your team's pre and post training or game meals for maximized performance.
Controlling one's weight can be a challenging task. In this specialized program, our Performance Nutritionists consult with you 1-on1 on a weekly basis and help step you through a personalized weight Management Nutrition plan.
PTS Director of Performance Nutrition

Ms. Arwen Hodina, M.Sc., RD

As a Registered Dietitian in Canada, and a Dipl. Ernährungsberaterin in Switzerland, Ms. Hodina, in her clinical practice, specializes in Metabolic Disorders, Adiposity, and Dyslipidemia. In private practice Ms. Hodina works with a wide variety of clients, including Athletes in designing goal oriented Nutrition plans and strategies.

For a free initial consultation with Ms. Hodina, please complete our Email form.

What is included in a PTS Sport Nutrition Plan?

PTS TrainingTalk and Nutrition 101 Video Series

Watch these Nutrition related editions of our Video Series
TrainingTalk - Creatine
Nutrition 101 - Recovery Nutrition
Training Tipp: Running speed is a product of stride rate and stride length. Research has shown that that by decreasing leg recovery and foot strike and ground contact times, a runner can significantly increase their running speeds. In addition to strength and aerobic power training, it is suggested that runners integrate Plyometric style training (aka Jump Training) to enhance the response time and reaction characteristics of the stretch-shortening-cycle through their posterior kinetic chain and triple flexion - triple flexion complex. The goal of jump training should be to maximize jump height while minimizing foot to ground contact time.  

*If you have questions about PTS Sport Nutrition Plans, click the link and fill out our E-mail form

Sport & Hydration Sport & Supplementation Nutrition & the Endurance Athlete
Hydration Strategies for Soccer - SPORT & EXERCISE SCIENCE, Vol.2, No.6.
Heat & Hydration for the Junior Tennis Player -
Dietary Supplements: A PTS Advisory  
71% of the planet is covered in water, 74% of your body composition is water, 80% of you muscle mass is comprised of water. How much water are you drinking a day? Stay hydrated for sport performance with PTS Sport Hydration. Are you supplementing your diet with training aids?
Know what you need to know about Nutritional Supplementation
Are you an endurance athlete? Do you push your limits for hours on end? See what you need to maximize your long-distance performance in our Endurance Nutrition page. Fueling strategies, post-training recovery...
Research Corner - From Lab to the field

Downloadable Sport Nutrition Resources

Sports Nutrition Review: Research & Recommendations. - Sports Nutrition Review Journal. 1(1):1-44.2004
IOC 2010 Consensus Statement on Sports Nutrition.
Canadian Center for Ethics in Sport: Supplements & Sport - A Discussion Paper.
Detox & Cleansing: Fact or Fiction. - Dietitians of Canada. 2007

The information on Performance Training Systems Performance Nutrition pages is not intended to be an endorsement of such use, and Performance Training Systems does not recommend the use of any form of nutritional supplementation without first consulting with a registered medical professional.

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This website is not intended to provide medical advice whereby any and all exercise suggestions or recommendations contained within should not be taken as such. Please review the PTSI Privacy Policy and Authorized Use Policy and consult your physican before engaging in any activity described in this website.
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