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PTS Medical | Rehab Training

PTS - The source for Sport and Athletic Training.  We specialize in Athlete development.
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The art of physical rehabilitation requires a personal approach, where the mechanism and type of injury is understood as much as the physical demands of the athlete and the sport they compete in.

The binding characteristic between recreational and highly competitive athletes is the common goal of performing at one's best, pain free, with reduced risk of injury.  Our goal at PTS Rehab | Medical Training is to provide our clients and partners with evidence-based training recommendations and structured training plans designed to rehabilitate physical injuries, and to optimize the athlete's return-to-sport. 

PTS Rehab | Medical Training Services

PTS Rehab | Medical Training is delivered to our clients and partners in 2 forms: Personal Training sessions | Personal Program Design, or through ready-made, injury specific Training programs.
PTS is specialized in the development of Rehab Training programs for the following sport injuries:

- ACL / PCL Tears
- Runner's / Jumper's Knee
- Rotator Cuff and Shoulder instability injuries
- Achilles Tendinitis 
- Epicondylitis (Tennis | Golf Elbow)
- Repetitive Strain Injuries
- Back | Neck Pain

Begin your trip towards pain free movement, and stronger physical capabilities with a PTS Rehab | Medical Training program. These Programs can also be used as "Prehab" - Injury Prevention training.  Click here to purchase a ready-made PTS Rehab | Medical Training program.

PTS Personal Rehab Program Design

Our Rehab Program design begins with a consultation where we collect information regarding your injury (diagnosis, stage of treatment), sport, training goals, and training availability. This consultation can take place in person, via Skype, or through E-mail correspondence.  Following our consultation we build a training plan tailored to your needs.

Included in your Medical | Rehab Training plan is a Weekly training schedule, a Training program card, Exercise Video Links and Training Load (Reps, Sets, Resistance) recommendations. Click here to purchase a personal PTS Rehab | Medical Training program.
PTS Original "Rehab Training" Research

- Patello-Femoral Pain Syndrome Etiology & Rehabilitation Program

- Ulnar Collateral Ligament Strains in Pitchers - An Etiological Review & 12 Month Rehabilitation Plan

Rehab Training Articles

- Plyometric Training to Reduce Knee Injuries in Skiing
- Power Training & Injury Prevention
- To Reduce Inflammation or Not to Reduce Inflammation?


Did you know?

There are 2 main causes of physical injury - 1) repetitive strain, where an injury is developed over a prolonged period of sustained repetitive physical loading, or 2) from an acute, 1 time, physical load that exceeds the tensile and structural capacity of a particular or series of tissues.  In both cases, biomechanical and myotendinous forces are the primary factors that influence the severity of tissue strain and injury.

Optimal rehabilitation training includes the instruction / development of movement patterns that generate reduced joint loading and the efficient transfer of force through the body and limb segments.

This may sound complicated, but it's what we do - We provide our clients with video analysis, exercise videos, and a progressive loading plan that increases strength, stability, and athletic ability.

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