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PTS Ice Hockey

A National past-time, honoured, and cherished, and as much of your lives as it is of your opponent's, and all of those who've played before you. Creativity, vision, grace, speed, and strength are the qualities that define greatness. You must be both agile and stable. The ice is not forgiving. Nor is the opponent who is lined up against you. Your strength and endurance are challenged on every shift. Prepare your body for the punishing hits and explosive sprints that come in training sessions and the games throughout the season by developing the strength and power that will take your game performance to the highest levels. Follow the Performance Training Systems Hockey Training Program and break through your performance barriers!
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Benefits of PTS Ice Hockey Training

  • Improved shot power by maximizing your hip, torso, and shoulder rotation to generate enhanced stick and puck speed.
  • Develop greater acceleration explosive speed by increasing hip mobility and lower-body power outputs, maximizing your push off the ice.
  • Build better leverage by exerting your body's strength through all planes of motion, helping you better out position your defender.
  • Improved durability to withstand the impact of physical play , from the big blows to the daily wear and tear of practice and competition.
  • Develop better foot quickness and agility on the ice, allowing you to better position yourself against your opponent.
  • Utilize targeted metabolic conditioning known as “energy system development” to play at, and recover from, the highest speeds on every shift, of every period, of every game throughout the pre-season, in-season, and post-season.
  • Generate linked strength and joint stability, preventing and reducing your risk of developing those nagging groin and hamstring, or major knee injuries that are prone to popping up throughout the season.

  • Ice Hockey is a strong, fast, anaerobic sport. The physical demands placed on the athlete require and movement and sport-specific training program.  PTS Ice Hockey training programs integrate age and competition level physical demand profiles - reps, sets, work to recovery ratios, intensity intervals etc.   We provide our athletes with exercises and training loads that mimic ice hockey movements patterns.  The result is a faster, stronger, and better conditioned athlete who moves and reacts quicker on the ice.
    All of our training plans are available in week, month, quarter, or annual training blocks.

    A hockey player's training needs are as individual as they are - their training plan must target improving their weaknesses, and focus on improving their strengths. What is appropriate for one player on a team, may not be appropriate for another player on the team to get them to reach their performance potential.
      Let PTS help you or your athlete reach their athletic potential

    PTS Ice Hockey Training Programs are designed to educate the Hockey athlete on what our team of exercise science and training professionals believe are the training essentials they need to prepare their body for the demands of a Hockey game. The links on this page will show you exercises for developing Power, Speed, Strength, Agility, Core Strength, Dry-Land Conditioning, and how to have a proper training session Warm-Up & Cool-Down

    What is included in PTS Ice Hockey Training?

    Included in every Training Package:

    - Personal or Team consultation
    - Ice Hockey specific Strength & Conditioning Program
    - Training Tracking and Monitoring Tables
    - Access to PTS training resources

    Additional PTS Training Services:
    - Personal or Team Training Sessions (in Fitness Studio, Sports field, Gymnasium)
    - Sports Nutrition Consultation
    - Training programs for specific Skills (Speed, Power, Agility etc.)
    - Exercise and movement Analysis (Biomechanical Video Analysis)
    - Fitness Testing Standard
    - Fitness Testing Plus (NHL Testing Combine)

    *If you have questions about PTS Ice Hockey Training, click the link and fill out our Sport Specific Training E-mail form

    PTS Goalie Training

    Goalies are different - they require different exercises, and different training loads.  Our Goalie Training plans target total body strength, reaction & speed capabilities, and dynamic flexibility.
    PTS Sport Rehab Training

    Hockey Movement Screens - SPORT & EXERCISE SCIENCE; Vol.1, No.5

    As a player or a coach, do you know the body parts you should regularly and most attentively stretch? Do you know what techniques in jumping and landing are helpful to avoid knee injuries? What implications should the association between low endurance and injury have for your training schedule? Why should female players learn to lower their body's centre of mass? Do you know about recovery and overtraining? What special considerations apply for children?

    PTS will work with you to develop training programs and strategies so that your athletes can prevent, and if needed, recover from injury quick and effectively.

      Research Corner - From Lab to the field

    Downloadable Resources

    Ice Hockey Fitness Testing | NHL Combine Training - Here
    PTS Original Research: The Physiological Demands of Canadian Junior Ice Hockey & 12 Month Training Plan - Here
    Bioenergetics of Ice Hockey - SPORT & EXERCISE SCIENCE, Vol.1, No.5 - Here
    SPORT & EXERCISE SCIENCE Vol.1, No. 5. - Ice Hockey - Here

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