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PTS Golf

Physical ability matters on the golf course. Strength, power, endurance, balance and stability, are all physical attributes that affect one's golf performance. Your final score is dependant on every shot, from the drive off the 1 st tee to the last putt on the 18 th . Take your next club match, or Sunday morning foursome performance to the next level. Follow the Performance Training Systems Golf Program and break through your performance barriers!.
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Benefits of PTS Golf Training  
  • Lengthen your distance off the tee and out of your long irons. Generate increased clubhead speed by efficiently harnessing the storage and release of rotational energy (power) created during your back-stroke and follow-through by 1) improving your muscle activation control over hip and shoulder rotation, and 2) improving flexibility between the shoulders and low back throughout your swing.
  • Increase joint balance and stability to improve your ability to stay centered over the ball during your swing, giving you a larger and more consistent sweet spot in contacting the ball.
  • Develop greater clubhead control over your short game and ‘rough' situations through improved stability and strength.
  • Increase aerobic endurance so you can avoid physical and psychological fatigue, allowing you to finish the round as strong and as focused as when you hit that 1st tee shot.
  • Learn to have more control over your swing. Teach yourself how to control the time sequencing and balance of the muscle activation and firing patterns powering your swing's movement.
  • Decrease potential for repetitive strain injuries associated with golf play by: 1) Minimizing the volume and magnitude stress displaced on vulnerable joints by preventing the development of, or offsetting accumulation of, improper muscle imbalances the golf often demands, and 2) develop the strength required to protect your body against golf's most common pain and potential injury areas; including foot pain, knee pain, hip pain, lower back pain, and shoulder pain.
  • Close the gap between doing what your golf coach tells you to do, and what your body is capable of doing.

    What is included in PTS Golf Training?

    Included in every PTS Soccer Training package is:

    - personal (individual athlete or team) consultation
    - Soccer based Strength and Conditioning Program
    - Training Tracking and Monitoring excel tables
    - Training videos and other training resources

    Training Tipp:
    Additional Golf Training Services:
    - Personal or Team training sessions (in a Fitness Studio, on the golf course / driving range training field, in a Gym)
    - Consultation with our Director of Sports Nutrition for optimizing your fueling strategies
    - Performance specific Training plans (Rotator Power, Torso / Back Flexibility training etc.)
    - Video Analysis of movement mechanics (Biomechanical Analysis)
    - Fitness Testing - Standard
    - Fitness Testing - Plus

    *If you have questions about PTS Golf Training, click the link and fill out our Sport Specific Training E-mail form

    Golf & Nutrition

    Whenever highly talented, motivated and well trained players meet in a golf tournament or Sunday Foursome, the margin between victory and defeat is small. Attention to detail can make that vital difference. Your diet affects your performance, and the food you choose in training and competition will affect how well you train and play.

    A well-balanced and varied diet made of natural foods rich in valuable nutrients is the best performance enhancer you can take in. Compared to doping methods and supplements, it has at least two clear advantages: First, it is allowed and will not place you at risk of a positive doping test and consecutive sanctions. Second, it is healthy and will make you feel better in training, competition and leisure time without any hazards to your physical and mental health.

    No other dietary strategies enjoy the reputation of proven performance enhancers as do the consumption of water and carbohydrate during exercise. You can turn this science into optimum performance and well-being by learning the practical aspects.
    PTS Sports Rehab Training

    As a player or a coach, do you know the body parts you should regularly and most attentively stretch? Do you know what techniques in jumping and landing are helpful to avoid knee injuries? What implications should the association between low endurance and injury have for your training schedule? Do you know about recovery and overtraining? What special considerations apply for children?

    PTS will work with you to develop training programs and strategies so that you, or your athletes can prevent, and if needed, recover from injury quick and effectively.

      Research Corner - From Lab to the field

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