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PTS Baseball | PTS Softball

Baseball is a game requiring the combined execution of varying athletic abilities; short bursts of speed, explosive strength, power, agility, and fine motor control. You need explosive hip and trunk rotation during your swing and pitch. You need explosive speed 90 feet at a time. You need lateral quickness and agility when you lunge, jump, and dive while turning in defensive gems in the field. You require peak core and arm strength to swing for the fences and to gun down runners on the base paths. The Performance Training Systems Baseball conditioning program will effectively develop the ability to enhance your execution of these attributes, and will prepare your body to accommodate and perform these demands; making you stronger, faster, and more agile, helping you to resist injury and give you the ability to recover and endure a long, grueling season. Follow the Performance Training Systems Baseball Program and break through your performance barriers!

Training Talk Video Segment - Is Aerobic Training important for Pitchers? - Watch Video
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Benefits of PTS Baseball | Softball Training  
  • Improve your bat speed by learning to generate greater explosive trunk rotation power and drive that ball longer and harder.
  • Improve baseball-specific strength in to take your performance to the next level.
  • Improve speed and acceleration . Become an outfielder with greater range, become a greater threat on the base paths, and increase your home to first speed.
  • Throw harder. Learn to develop balance and control while pushing off the rubber to maximize power, accuracy and consistency when driving off the mound.
  • Increase throwing velocity by decreasing the effort and the volume of wear and tear placed on your shoulder and elbow joints by learning to generating force with your entire body, removing the accumulation of stress from your arm.
  • Increase defensive range by developing the ability to improve your first-step quickness, multi-directional speed, and linear speed.
  • Better optimize your recovery between games, necessary for successful tournaments and for putting up consistent numbers throughout the season.
  • Increase your lean muscle mass and decrease your body fat by learning to fuel your body properly and ethically, allowing you to thrive on the field.

  • What is included in PTS Baseball | Softball Training?

    Included in every PTS Training package is:

    - personal (individual athlete or team) consultation
    - Soccer based Strength and Conditioning Program
    - Training Tracking and Monitoring excel tables
    - Training videos and other training resources

    Training Tipp: To prevent injury to the Knee ligaments, the anterior cruciate ligament in particular, seems to tear during landings, quick stop or cutting movements while in an erect position with straight knees and extended hips, in a knock-kneed position. Female players: You need to learn how to lower the centre of your body mass and how to absorb the shock of landing by flexing the hips and knees.

    Additional Training Services:
    - Personal or Team training sessions (in a Fitness Studio, on your training field, in a Gym)
    - Consultation with our Director of Sports Nutrition for optimizing your fueling strategies
    - Performance specific Training plans (Speed, Jump / Power training, Agility etc.)
    - Video Analysis of movement mechanics (Biomechanical Analysis)
    - Fitness Testing - Standard
    - Fitness Testing - Plus

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    PTS Baseball | Softball Training Programs are designed to educate the Ball Player on what our team of exercise science and training professionals believe are the training essentials they need to prepare their body for the demands of a Ball game. The links on this page will show you exercises for developing Power, Speed, Strength, Agility, Core Strength, Dry-Land Conditioning, and how to have a proper training session Warm-Up & Cool-Down
    PTS Sport Concussion Management

    Head injuries and Concussion occur in Baseball. Do you know how to recognize the symptoms? Click here for more info.
    Baseball | Softball & Nutrition

    Pre-Game Nutrition for Baseball - SPORT & EXERCISE SCIENCE, Vol.1, No.3.
    Dietary Supplements: A PTS Advisory -

    Whenever highly talented, motivated and well trained players meet in a Ball game, the margin between victory and defeat is small. Attention to detail can make that vital difference. Your diet affects your performance, and the food you choose in training and competition will affect how well you train and play.

    A well-balanced and varied diet made of natural foods rich in valuable nutrients is the best performance enhancer you can take in. Compared to doping methods and supplements, it has at least two clear advantages: First, it is allowed and will not place you at risk of a positive doping test and consecutive sanctions. Second, it is healthy and will make you feel better in training, competition and leisure time without any hazards to your physical and mental health.

    No other dietary strategies enjoy the reputation of proven performance enhancers as do the consumption of water and carbohydrate during exercise. You can turn this science into optimum performance and well-being by learning the practical aspects.
    PTS Sports Rehab Training

    Building a Strong Pitching Elbow - SPORT & EXERCISE SCIENCE, Vol.1, No.6 - Here
    The Ballistic 6 Shoulder Strength Program - Here

    As a player or a coach, do you know the body parts you should regularly and most attentively stretch? Do you know what techniques in jumping and landing are helpful to avoid knee injuries? What implications should the association between low endurance and injury have for your training schedule? Why should female players learn to lower their body's centre of mass? Do you know how to coach throw-ins of the ball to help in preventing head injuries? Do you know about recovery and overtraining? What special considerations apply for children?

    PTS will work with you to develop training programs and strategies so that your athletes can prevent, and if needed, recover from injury quick and effectively.

      Research Corner - From Lab to the field

    Downloadable Resources

    - PTS Original Research - A Review of Ulnar Collateral Ligament Tears in Baseball Pitchers and a 12 Month Rehabilitation Protocol - Here
    - Performance Training Systems Position Statement - Creatine Use by Baseball Athletes - Here
    - Medicine Ball Training for Bat Speed - Here
    - Baseball Canada Pitch Count Guidelines - Here.
    - Baseball USA Medical & Advisory Committee - Patterns of Injury in Youth Baseball - Here
    - Baseball Player Performance Comparisons - Here

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