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PTS - The source for Sport and Athlete Training.  We specialize in Athlete Development.
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Performance Training Systems Inc. (PTS) is a Canadian Sport and Athletic Training Consulting Firm that was founded by Eric MacLean, M.Exi.Sci, CSEP-CEP, NSCA-CSCS in 2007.  Registered in Ontario, Canada, we are a small, modern, and progressive consulting firm, that has established itself as a leader in developing sport-specific training resources for clients and athletes around the world. 

In the 2011, PTS expanded it's business model to include offering our Training Services in the German-speaking market, by launching 'PTS Deutschland', a sister site to PTS North America.  The goal that we have at PTS is to continue developing our Sport and Athletic Training products and services so that we continue to be a leader in providing competent and innovative Sport performance and Athletic Training resources to our clients and partners.  PTS's outreach is targeted at individual athletes, sport teams and clubs, and different sport interest groups. 

PTS Sport and Athlete Training Services:
- Training program design and consultation services
- Periodized Training programs for individual athletes and teams (specific recommendations for repetitions, sets, training load, work:rest ratios, exercises etc.)
- Tracking, monitoring, and analyzing training and sport performance, and the development of individual training reports.
- Sport Movement and Biomechanical Analysis
- Sport Nutrition Consultation
- Exercise Instruction
- Sport injury and Rehabilitation Training
- Developing Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) programs
- Doping prevention

Our training services are delivered in 2 methods: face-to-face, and across a vareity of media platforms; confidential E-mail, Skype, our Facebook or Google+ pages, and our Webpage and Newsletter.   Through these communication methods PTS is able to work with athletes form all over the world, where-ever they may be, in which ever phase of their training they may be in. 

PTS is a member of, and signatory to the "True Sport Movement". We believe that Sport is a method for developing mind, body, spirit and social competence.  We support the ethical sport principles of Fair-play, gender and racial equality in sport, and the right for all to enjoy the participation of sport. For more information about PTS and the "True Sport Movement", click hier.

PTS invites you to search our webpage, to educate yourself about our Sport and Athlete Development Training services, and to contact us if you would like to learn more. /span>

About PTS Founder Eric MacLean, and how it all began /strong>
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