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On this page you can find News and new information about PTS and our activities in the world of sport and athlete training.

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24. November 2014

PTS Director completes Polar "OwnZone" Certification Program

For more information on how training with Heart-Rate Variability or for best-practices and methods designed to optimize athletic and fitness performance contact us or send us a message through our Facebook page.

29 September 2014

Bitter-Sweet end to Performance Training Systems 2014 Marathon / Triathlon Season at the 5. Basel Marathon

It was a bitter-sweet end to a 2014 Endurance Sport season in which PTS Director Eric MacLean participated in 7 races bewtween April & September. The bitter end came at the Basel Marathon in which Eric was looking to improve on his personal-best time over the Half-Distance, achieved on the very same course the previous year. "I was hoping for a strong finish, and a personal best time, instead, I burnt myself out over the 1st 12k (setting a personal-best over the 1st 10k)". Having achieved performance improvements in every discipline of every Triathlon event participated in, Eric entered the last race of the season with confidence and in good physical condition. "I had a good warm-up this morning, I thought I had the mind-set focused and concentrated on what I wanted to do, I simply just lost that focus and concentration during the 1st portion of the race. The race starts with a light downhill, and I got caught in a tempo that I simply couldn't hold. What frustrates me now is that 1) i'll have to wait for another year before I can challenge this course again, 2) I was in good form - I felt that my training had prepared me for a shot at a new personal-best, and 3) I have the experience to know better - I know that pacing is the key, and I didn't stick to my race pace. This combination of expectation and result leaves me disappointed, and leaves bitter taste to what was a good year.".
Having competed earlier in the 2014 Season in Sprint and Olympic Distance Triathlon events, Eric suggested that he didn't transition his race pacing from 10km Triathlon Run tempo to Half-Marathon Run tempo. "In the Triathlon events, I can hold and push through 10k the whole time in the anaerobic, 90%+ Heart Rate Zone, and looking back at the performance today, I started the same way - at the 12k mark or somewhere around there, I simply hit the wall, lost my tempo, position in the field, and concentration needed to keep pushing through".
I can't complain about everything. It was a good year. A podium finish, a 4th, and a 10th place in my Age-Group in the 3 Triathlons this year, improvements in every discipline of every Triathlon, a 1st time Mountain Marathon in Zermatt (SUI), and a personal-best time over the 10k Distance in the 1st race of the year. A better result today would have left a different taste, the year would be remebered as being a little sweeter, however, it's now time to look at 2015 - concentrate on strengthening the weaknesses over the winter and setting new goals for the coming Season.

For more information on the 2014 PTS Endurance Sport Season, our commitments in the 2015 Season or other Athletic Training and Sporting events contact us through our Contact Us page of visit our Marathon | Triathlon | Multi-Sport page on this Website.

21 September 2014

PTS joins Trainers and Fitness Experts at the 2014 IFAA Summer Camp held at the Olympic Training Centre in Heidelberg, Germany

For more information on these or other events that PTS is involved in contact us through our "Contact Us" page.

7 September 2014

PTS adds Training Congress and Polar Training Symposium to list of 2014 Academic Events

PTS is pleased to share with our clients, partners and friends in the training community that we have recently confirmed our participation in the upcoming IFAA Trainer & Fitness Congress to be held at the University of Heidelberg & the Olympic Training Centre in Heidelberg during the weekend of 21-22 September. 2-months later on the weekend of 22-23 November PTS will be attending the Polar OwnZone Symposium in Balingen.

By participating in such Events PTS attempts to remain at the leading edge of sport and athletic training and providing our clients and partners with effective sport-specific strength and conditioning solutions. For more information on these or other events that PTS is involved in contact us through our "Contact Us" page.

24 August 2014

PTS Director ends 2014 Triathlon Season with strong finish at the Breisgau Triathlon

For consecutive seasons PTS Director Eric MacLean scheduled his last Triathlon weekend of the year at the Breisgau Triathlon. In addition to organising the Sprint Distance Event the village of Malterdingen hosts the annual Baden-Württemburg Half-Ironman Championships and is in Eric's opinion "continously one of the best organised Events anywhere".

As a 'last race of the year', Eric entered the race having set the simple goal of improving his performance from the previous season, however, commenting before the race, Eric stated that "really and truely, I want to put it all together today - I want to see the results of my training, and knowing that I'm strong on the bike and can hold my tempo in the run, I want to place well today". The Breisgau Triathlon has a participant limit of 250, and as in previous years, was sold-out. Of the 235 starters, Eric placed a respectable 70th, including a 10th place ranking in the M30 Age-Group.

After the race Eric commented by saying "You know, at the end of the day, you're competing against yourself and the course, but when you're passing people, when you feel that you're fast, you're sense of competitiveness changes, you feel that you're in a race. After coming out of the water, I knew, I felt that I was faster than last year, I though to myself, now it's on, time to fight for your placement amongst the rest". In comparing Eric's 2013 results to this year, Eric improved his performance in all 3 disciplines, lowered his finishing time by 7:08 min / 6.2% and improved his finishing placement by 51 spots. "I'm still frustrated that I swim like a stone, it's improving, but when I see in the results table that I was slower in the water than every finisher ahead of me, I know what I need to improve on in the off-season. But now, it's time to rest, take a little break, and when the sun shines during these last days of summer and autumn, i'll try to get myself in the pool!"

For more information on PTS's Training and Competition Calender or for information regarding our Training Consultation services please view our on-line Calender, our Endurance Sport page or complete our contact form.

20 July 2014

PTS narrowly misses out on an Age-Group Podium Finish in Freiburg

On wet and rainy Sunday 20 July 2014, PTS Director Eric MacLean joined friends of PTS and the regional Triathlon community by participating in the 19. Freiburg Triathlon on Flückigersee in Freiburg Germany.

After the race Eric commented, "It really wasn't a nice day for the friends and family who came out to support everyone today, it was raining on and off, kind of cool, but you know, for us who were swimming, riding and running, the weather could not have been better". The cool temperatures seemed to favour Eric, who after an "average" swim, powered his way to a 24th fastest bike time, followed by a 20th fastest run time on his way to a 4th Place Age Group (M30) and 31st Place Overall finish. "The swim is really where I need to improve. It's frustrating coming out of the water in the last 3rd or quarter of participants. It is motivating passing lots of people when on the bike, and then channeling that motivation and positive feeling knowing that you're passing people when in the run, but doing that in efforts of making up for a slow start makes you think, 'ah, what for a finishing placement could I achieve if I wasn't so slow in the water?'. The next Triathlon slated on the PTS calender is in 4 weeks time at the Breisgau Triathlon. Competing again in the Sprint Distance, Eric looks forward to spending more time in the pool aswell as in open-water with the intent on strengthening his swim performance. "in comparison to last year, my times are improving while i've decreased my overall training volume. I've really reduced the amount of weight training - i've dropped the weight and frequency a bit, performing more strength-endurance and strength-power exercises, and you know, i'm powering past the competition on the bike and in the run. I tihnk the quality of my training has improved. With 4 weeks until the next event, I've got lots of time to work on my Swim tempo and technique, and look forward to the challenge ahead".

For more information on PTS's Training and Competition Calender or for information regarding our Training Consultation services please view our on-line Calender, our Endurance Sport page or complete our contact form.

5 July 2014

In his 1st Mountain Marathon, PTS Director finishes in the top 20% of participants over the half-distance

On Saturday 5 July 2014, PTS Director Eric MacLean joined close to 2,500 other participants in the 13. edition of the Zermatt Marathon. Consisting of the traditional 42.2km Marathon distance, the race also included an 'Ultra' and a Half-Marathon variation. Running in the Half-distance, which included an elevation gain of 1,408m from the world-famous mountain village of Zermatt to the top of Riffelberg in Switzerland's Wallis region, Eric competed against 500 other ambitious endurance athletes. Finishing 86th Overall (483 Total), and 22nd in his Age-Group Eric was pleased with his performance.

Commenting after the race, Eric said "the last 3km were a joke, I don't know who could have ran up that incline. This last stretch was the toughest of any endurance race I've competed in. My goal at that point in the race was to not let anyone pass me and that if someone did, then I'd have to pass someone else. It really was a mental fight. In those last minutes, while I was trying to push through the inclination, I couldn't help looking at the surrounding 4.000m peaks and the Matterhorn, it was a great distraction - the goals that I set when entering endurance races vary throughout the year, and the goal for this 1st experience was to 'test' myself. Finishing in the top 17% of competitors feels good, however, thinking back to my training, there is room for improvement. Next year's version of the race is designated at the Mountain Running World Championships - i'm not in that league, however, against that competition, I have all the motivation I need to continue training to improve upon this year's result."

For more information on PTS's Training and Competition Calender or for information regarding our Training Consultation services please view our on-line Calender, our Endurance Sport page or complete our contact form.

28 June 2014

PTS Director swam, rode, and ran to a 2. Place Age Group finish in the 1st Triathlon of the season

Performance Training Systems Inc. (PTS) is pleased announce that in his first Triathlon event of the 2014 Season, PTS Director Eric MacLean raced to a 2. Place Age-Group (18th Overall) Finish. Reflecting back after the race, Eric commented "It would have been nice to defend the Age-Group win from 2013, but the event is growing. For a small Event like this to have a 3 fold increase in participants from last year is huge. I'm a little disappointed that I couldn't hold the run pace set by our Age-Group winner - we came out of the run transition beside one another - I am pleased that I improved my overall finishing time by 3 and 1/2 minutes, and was faster in each of the 3 disciplines compared to last year. We have Zermatt in 6 Days, the goal for today was essentially to have a good training in competition atmosphere. There is a good triathlon community here, seeing familar faces, friends, current and past PTS Clients and shaking hands or hi-5ing at the end of the race, keeps us looking forward to the rest of the Triathlon Season, and next year's Event".

The Sprint Distance (400m / 21km / 5km) Schopfheim Triathlon marks the beginning of PTS's 2014 Triathlon Calender.

PTS not only provides Marathon, Trialthon, and Multi-sport Training Support and Consultation Services, we also train and participate in Events as well. If you would like more information on PTS Endurance Sport Training Programs and or our Training Support services please contact us or vist our Multi-Sport Page.

27 March 2014

PTS extends partnership with EHC Basel Young Sharks AG

Performance Training Systems Inc. (PTS) is pleased to inform our clients, partners and friends in the athletic training community that we have recently renewed our partnership with Eishockey Club (EHC) Basel Young Sharks AG. The 2014-2015 season will be the third consecutive year that PTS has provided off-ice athletic conditioning services including fitness testing to the Youth Development program of Swiss National League B Club EHC Basel Sharks AG.

Positioned as a regional ice hockey player development centre, PTS is motivated and excited to continue working with EHC Basel Young Sharks AG and the top ice hockey talent in the north-west region of Basel Switzerland which includes players from the U15, U16, U17, U18 and Women's National Teams. After agreeing on this renewed partnership, PTS Director commented "We've worked with many of the young athletes within the developmental teams for the past 2 seasons, and it's been great to see the impressive advances in not only the on-ice but also the physical and social maturity within the players, seeing players jump up to the Pro team, players winning at the National (Junioren Elite B Bronze), and Olympic (Bronze, Swiss Women's National Team, Sotchi Winter Olympic Games) levels and at the basic level, players becoming better. We are pround to announce this continued partnership and are proud to continue working with this great group of athletes, coaches and sport administrators at EHC Basel Young Sharks AG."

PTS's continued engagement with EHC begins at the end of April 2014 with the beginning of summer Fitness Testing. For more information on PTS and our involvement with EHC Basel Young Sharks AG please contact us.

17 October 2013

PTS Endurance Sport Season comes an end in Munich

When Performance Training Systems Inc (PTS) Director Eric MacLean entered the Olympic Stadium and crossed the finish line  of the Munich Half-Marathon this past weekend, the PTS Endurance Sport season came to a successful end.

Consisting of Distance Running and Triathlon events, PTS competed in a total of 12 Events in 2013, where PTS Director Eric  earned both a Sprint Distance Triathlon Age-Group win, and a new personal best in the Half-Marathon. When asked what the highlight of the season was, PTS Director responded with smile saying "Highlight? Simple, the training. At PTS we try to keep our goals realistic and motivating. We compete in endurance events as a challenge, motivation to fuel our training, as a test of physical fitness and to feel this 'competitive' spirit. While the events are fun, exciting and a great community environment, we complete against ourselves, and the training is the best part!".

When asked to summarize the results of PTS Endurance Sport clients, Eric responded by saying "Our emphasis, and what we create through our training programs, is development through training. Our goal is to improve the fitness and to motivate the participation of our clients. We keep things simple, realistic, and progressive through interactive consulting and training support. The smiles, and personal successes of our clients is what's rewarding for us. PTS specializes in professional Athletic Conditioning and Athlete Support services, and while we work with athletes all across the performance spectrum (beginner to professional) from a range of different sports, the best part is when our clients reach their goals".

Eric summed up the conclusion of PTS's Endurance Sport season by saying "The best way to conclude a season is to focus on the next. So, while we are integrating a week of regeneration and decreased training load, we are already beginning to plan our 2014 Race schedule. So far we've confirmed our participation in the Zermatt Marathon (Switzerland) next summer - a mountain Marathon, the first for us. A new season, a new challenge!".

To learn more about Performance Training Systems' Endurance Sport training programs visit our dedicated page by clicking here. To view a summary of our 2013 Event Calendar click here.

10 October 2013

PTS Director becomes accredited with the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation

Over the 2 week period at the end of September and the start of October 2013, Performance Training Systems Inc. (PTS) Director Eric MacLean attended a Trainer Qualification course hosted by the Swiss Institute of Sport (Bundes Amt Sport) and the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation (SIHF) in the Swiss Kanton of Zürich. At the conclusion of the 6 day course Eric had completed the compulsory technical and theoretical evaluations required to earn the Ice Hockey Trainer certification.

This base level certification acts as an entry into the national coaching certification system in Switzerland, and as such was a primary cause of motivation for Eric's participation. As PTS continues to integrate it's range of athletic training and athlete support services in Switzerland and Europe, PTS is committed to ensuring that our Team of Trainers and Sport-Conditioning Consultants are qualified and certified by the national regulatory associations of the countries and regions in which we are professionally active. With this base qualification PTS Director Eric MacLean will next be pursuing the Ice Hockey Goalie Trainer and Conditioning Trainer specialization courses offered by the SIHF and Swiss Institute of Sport.

PTS would like to acknowledge the exceptional instruction and professional atmosphere created by Head Instructor, Gerard Bouvard, Kloten Flyers Hockey Club, Swiss National Hockey League, and EHC Basel Young Sharks AG for their support in Eric's completion of this Trainer Qualification.

2 July 2013

PTS Director races to Age-Group win at the 2013 Sparkasse Schopfheimer Triathlon

On a rainy Saturday, the 29th of June, Performance Training Systems kicked-off it's 2013 Triathlon season by competing in the Sparkasse Schopfheimer Triathlon. Organized by a local Triathlon Club, and recognized by the Baden Württemberg Triathlon Association (BWTV), Eric competed in the "Sprint-Distance" race, covering Swim, Bike, and Run distances of 400m, 21km, and 5km.  Eric's finishing placement was 17th overall, and 1st in the Men's 30-35yr Age-Group.

The Age-Group win was "surprising, but a totally cool and motivating experience" for PTS's Director, who after the race was pleased with his finishing time but not expecting to be the fastest in his age-group. "My performance today feels good, but I think I can be faster. I learned a lot today, how I can save time in the transition zones, and that with the Sprint Distance event, I can push myself harder, especially in the final stretches of the run. I'm looking forward to our upcoming races and the training we have planned in the coming weeks" commented Eric after the small awards presentation where the top 3 Overall and top 3 in each Age-Group category were presented with competition certificates and various prizes.

Next up on PTS's Triathlon calendar is the Freiburg Triathlon on Sunday July 14th. If you would like to learn more about how PTS trains or to train with PTS to reach your Triathlon, Multi-Sport, or Marathon goals you can do so by viewing dedicated Triathlon | Marathon web-page, our Training Calendar or by contacting us by filling out our On-Line contact form.

15 April 2013

Performance Training Systems renews External Training Consultant role with EHC Basel Young Sharks

Performance Training Systems Inc. (PTS) is pleased to inform our clients, partners, and friends in the training community that we have renewed our partnership with Eis-Hockey Club (EHC) Basel Young Sharks AG for the 2013 | 2014 season. PTS has been contracted to provide Ice-Hockey athletic training and conditioning services including fitness testing, weight room and strength training program development and field-based conditioning training.

For additional information regarding PTS's partnership with EHC Basel please contact PTS by filling out the On-Line contact form.

3 January 2013

PTS has updated it's 2013 Event Calendar

PTS has posted information on which sporting competition events it will be participating in as either an a competitor or as a supporting trainer, and which Congress | Symposia | Conferences we will be attending. As the year progresses, PTS will update our Event listings as changes to our schedule are made.

If you would more information on how you can train with us for any or our registered competitions, or for similar competitions in your area, please contact us by completing our E-Mail form.

18 December 2012

Performance Training Systems Director accepts invitation from the Swiss Young Researcher competition to act as an Expert Consultant

Performance Training Systems Inc. (PTS) is happy and proud to announce that Director Eric MacLean has accepted an invitation from the Swiss Young Researcher Competition to function as an „Expert Consultant“ in the 2013 competition.

The Swiss Young Researcher Competition is for young (Secondary School) students, with the aim of promoting academic and success in research. The Competition is structured within 2 round framework; a Workshop in Bern, and a National competition in Luzern. Students whose work is of selection quality advance from the Workshop round into the National competition, where there is then the possibility of competing in an International Young Researcher competition.

Mr. MacLean’s roll as an Expert Consultant begins in the 1st round on 12 January 2013 in Bern and includes supporting the work “The effect of EnergyGels and Grape Sugar (Glucose) on Physical Performance”. Mr. MacLean is responsible for consulting with the study’s author and providing guidance and assistance in the presentation of her research project, including statistics, motivation, and competence.

Mr. MacLean is happy to accept this invitation, and is looking forward to supporting a young researcher in this capacity.

If you would like to learn more about PTS, or Eric MacLean’s roll in the Swiss Young Researchers competition, please contact us at or

For a downloadable copy of this communication click here.

1 May 2012

Performance Training Systems becomes External Athletic Training Consultant to EHC Basel Young Sharks AG

Performance Training Systems Inc. becomes External Strength and Conditioning Consultant to EHC Basel Young Sharks AG.

This communication is to announce that Performance Training Systems Inc. (PTS) has recently become an external Athletic Training Consultant to Eishockey Club (EHC) Basel Young Sharks AG. PTS has been contracted to provide Athletic Fitness Testing and Off-Ice Strength and Conditioning support services. PTS will be working with EHC’s Junior Elite B (17-19yr) and Novizen Top A (14-16yr) teams competing in the Swiss National League, as well as other selected athletes within the Club's Youth Development Program.

Included within PTS’s Athletic Fitness Testing, PTS is responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating anthropometric and physical capability based fitness tests, and the development of various resources for both the coaching staffs and athletes; Athlete Profiles, Ranking Tables, and Progression Charts.

Included within PTS’s Off-Ice Strength and Conditioning commitments, PTS, in collaboration with the affiliated coaching staffs, is responsible for developing various Team and athlete-specific Training programs and Capability specific (Power, Ice Hockey Conditioning, Agility, Rehabilitation / Injury Prevention, Postural Stability etc.) programs.

As part of PTS’ consulting services, we are providing support in the identification of athlete ‘Strengths’ and ‘Weaknesses’, and providing weight room support by supervising Training sessions and instructing correct exercise technique and field exercises.

For further information about PTS's work with EHC Basel please click the link to either the English or German Press Release.

(Englisch | Deutsch).

PTS 2012 Süd Baden / Dreiländereck Wettkampfsaison

18. März 2012 - Grüttlauf, Grüttpark, Lörrach, Baden-Württemberg
1. April 2012 - 9. Freiburg Halbmarathon, Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg
21. Juni 2012 - Stadtlauf Lörrach, Lörrach, Baden-Wurttemberg
15. Juli 2012 - Triathlon Donaueschingen, Donaueschingen, Baden-Württemberg
19. August 2012 - Breisgau Triathlon, Malterdingen, Baden-Württemberg
23. September 2012 - Basel Marathon, Basel, Schweiz

PTS werde Update unserer Wettkampf saisonplan wann wir neue Wettkampf registrieren.

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