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Nutritional Supplementation

The practice of nutritional supplementation among athletes and active people is at an all-time high, with many people regarding 'supplementation' as a key element of their training program, and the success they achieve.

The team at Performance Training Systems has developed a position on supplement use which advocates that nutritional supplementation is not necessary to maximize your training or your performance. However, we recognize that certian physical and health related conditions exist which may require the assistance that supplementation, in it's traditional form, may be useful, beneficial, and recommended.

The first objective set out in Performance Training System's 'Mission' is to "provide aspiring athletes with sport performance training through a multi-disciplinary team of sport professionals..." this includes exercise nutritionists. It is our goal to educate our athletes on the issues that influence their training, so that they know what they are doing, subjecting their body to, the adaptations that can result, and the potential risks associated with what they are doing. At Performance Training Systems, we strive to educate our athletes on the science of Nutritional Supplementation.

On this page, and all the links attached to it, you will find the information you need to educate yourself on what exercise nutritional supplementation is, how the common supplements are reported to influence your training, and the reported risks associated with supplement use. If you plan on, or are currently using nutritional supplements, you need to review the information here.

Video Links
Training Talk - Creatine Supplementation
Supplement Use in Elite Athletics
Do you compete at the junior level? Are you a collegiate or university athlete? If you do, or plan on it, you will be subject to performance drug testing - Supplement Use can... Read More...
Supplement Review Are Supplements just Hype?
The following links will take you to a detailed review of the following supplemental aids - including forms, functions, and methods, and recent peer-reviewed published research outlining the efficacy. Performance Training Systems' position on their use is found on every page.

The use of nutritional supplements for athletic or performance benefit has risen dramatically in the past 20 years, to the point where we cannot go a day with out seeing supplement use advertised - its in the magazines we read, on the t.v. we watch, and endorsed by the celebrities model. But are the results real? Are they backed by clinical research, or is it simply hype?

On this page Performance Training Systems investigates the legitimacy of supplement use, their development, and suggests that there is absolutely no subsititute to a natural, well balanced, healthy diet. Read More...

Nitric Oxide
Whey Protein
Casein Protein
Beta-Hydroxy-Methylbutyrate (HMB)
CoEnzyme Q10
Amino Acids
Branched Chain Amino Acids
What is Exercise or Sport Nutritional Supplementation?  
Nutritional supplementation for the benefit of developing athletic or performance based goals is the practice of consuming a single, or a combination of macro or micro nutrients reported to influence the body's natural anabolic or metabolic pathways. Theoretically, this style of supplementation can enhance training....Read More...    
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The information on this page is not intended to be an endorsement of supplement use, and Performance Training Systems does not recommend the use of any form of nutritional supplementation. Performance Training Systems would like to encourage anyone interested in supplementing thier diet to not do so without first consulting with a registered medical professional.
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