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Performance Testing - Hockey Combine

How our Combine Testing Works

Performance Training Systems comes to you. Our Performance specialists come to you, to your practice field / arena / track, or to a negotiated facility.

Our network of qualified Performance Specialists spread through the Greater Toronto Area will negotiate with you when, where, and for how long. Depending on your testing needs, whether we're creating a private, or full team testing session, Performance Training Systems will arrange for the appropriate testing facility.

To create a Performance Testing session, please contact President and Director of Athletic Conditioning, Eric MacLean (contact or email).

Want to Train for the Combine?

The NHL is not the only league that assesses the physiological attributes of it's entry level or experienced players.

Every team, independent of competitive level, assesses the fitness levels of it's players. Be ready for training camp, jump divisions, move up the depth chart, train for the tests that the coaches will use to assess your physical fitness, so that when your number is called, you don't just step up, you perform!

Train with a Performance Training Systems' Performance Specialists through a 4 or 8 week 'Combine' program where you will develop the strength, power, stamina, and mental toughness needed to out perform your competition in the Combine.

Our Combine Training programs are administered through email and phone correspondence / consultation, through 1-on-1 training 2 or 3 times a week at a facility negotiated between athlete and Performance Training Systems' Performance Specialist, or through 'group' / team training.

The table below outlines Performance Training Systems' Comine Training Base Fee structure. For a program quote based on you or your team's needs, please contact President & Director of Athletic Conditioning, Eric MacLean (Email / Contact)

Hockey Combine Testing Fees
  Full Testing Partial Testing
Individual $200 Test Specific
Team $600 Test Specific
Team = 6 athletes
The Tests

The NHL Player Draft Combine contains 2 parts - a Psychological Evaluation administered by EXACT Sports, and the most popular and photographed, a Physical Fitness Evaluation consisting of 18 measures of muscular and cardiovascular strength, power, stamina, agility and balance.

Part 1 - Psychological Evaluation (2 sections)
Section 1
220 'yes' or 'no' questions designed to assess a prospect's personality, including such things as mental toughness and coachability
Section 2
A mental efficiency test, which measures spatial awareness, decision speed, decision accuracy, concentration, and rates of mental fatigue. A shortened form of the second part was repeated immediately after the fitness testing component, to determine the how much the individual player's reactions decline under stress and fatigue.

Part 2 - Physical Evaluation ( Stations)
Station 1
- Medical Release &Medical forms enquiring about previous injuries and medical history
- eye test, hand-eye coordination tasks
- Anthropometric Measurements (Hgt, Wgt, Wingspan), body fat% and arm / leg circumference measurements
- 'physique' photos (front, right side, back).

Station 2 - Push/Pull Strength
Station 3 - Upper Body Strength
- Grip Strength (Strength)
- Seated Medicine Ball Throw (Power)
- 185lbs Bench Press (Max Reps)(Muscular Strength)
- Push-Ups
- Curl-Ups

Station 4
- Trunk Flexion (Toe Touch)
- Wobble Board Balance Test

Station 5 - Leg Strength
- Long Jump
- Standing Jump
- Vertical Jump

Station 6 - Agility
- Hexagon Agility Test
Station 7 - Anaerobic Power
- Wingate Cycle Ergometer Test
Station 8 - Aerobic Power
- VO2 max test (stationary Bike)
Station 9 - 2nd Half of 2nd Psychological Evaluation
- to assess mental efficiency immediately following the fitness testing to see if the players responses / reactions changed after stress / fatigue.

The NHL is currently looking to add 'on-ice' components for the 2009 Combine

Hockey Combine Training Fees
  4 Week 8 Week
  2x week 3x week 2x week 3x week
Individual(1hr) $100/wk $140/wk $90/wk $120/wk
Team (1.5hr) $240/wk $360/wk $240/wk $360/wk
Correspondence $30/wk $40/wk $30/wk $40/wk
Team = 6 athletes
What We Need from You
When contacting Performance Training Systems about a Performance Test, please help us by providing the following information.
Player, Coach or Managers Name Team Name
Age of Athlete(s)
Player, Coach or Manager's Contact Numbers (Day, Evening, Mobile)
Competitive Level (rec, A, AA, AAA etc.)
Home Practice Facility
Proposed Testing Date
Performance Training Systems Athlete Development Program

Are you looking to move up divisions? Are you trying to earn a junior or collegiate try-out? Performance Training Systems' Athlete Development Program can help.

We create an athlete profile, complete with athletic and academic achievements, fitness scoring, and other sport-specific information, and distribute it throughout our connection of coaches and scouts. Focus on your game, let us help with your exposure and try-out and selection camp schedule.

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