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Übung: Plyometrische Liegestützen auf dem BOSU-Ball

This upper-body power exercise is designed to develop the force / power profile of the chest and shoulder musculature.
The exercise activates the stretch-shortening-cycle and provides the athlete with a training stimulus that mimics the acceleration / deceleration power demands incurred in many sporting activities, particularly when falling or crashing into hard objects (side boards in ice hockey for example).

Primär trainierten Muskelgruppen: Pectoralis Major & Minor, Triceps Brachii (Long & Medial heads), Anterior Deltoid, Coracobrachials, Serratus Anterior, and the muscles of the deep abdomen and back.
Übungstechnik: The athlete places one hand on the BOSU ball, the other on the ground where the hands are placed under the shoulders, in-line with the chest.
The athlete begins the exercise with extended elbows. Each rep starts by descending into the eccentric phase of the push-up, following by a rapid, forceful concentric contraction where the athlete pushes through the arms, pressing as if trying to push the floor away from them as fast as possible so that both arms push-off from their surfaces. The athlete lands the push-up by coordinating the bodies deceleration back to the ground. The elbows should slowly decelerate the body by flexing to 90o.
Optionen zur Übung Progression: You can progress the difficulty of the exercise by increasing the number of reps and set completed, by concentrating on the vertical height achieved during the repetitions, or by decreasing the recovery ratio between sets.  Alternatively, you can perform the Push-Up with 1-Leg extended off the floor.

Optionen zur Übung Progressionen:
Liegestützen mit dem Medizin-Ball
Liegestützen auf dem Gymnastikball
Plyometrische Liegestützen auf dem BOSU-Ball - von Seite zu Seite


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