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Übung: Statische Liegestütze zum einarmigen Kurz-Hantel ziehen

This Dynamic Stability based exercise is a modification of the Plank and Dumbbell Row exercises.  When these 2 exercises are combined, the athlete simultaneously generates both a stabilization (isometric) and functional strength stimulus.  This contraction pattern is great at activating the core musculature during a dynamic movement, and is an ideal exercise for developing stability strength through the back and abdomen.

Primär trainierten Muskelgruppen: Extensors of the low back, and legs, the muscles of the abdomen, Biceps, Rhomboids, posterior Deltoids, and the deep muscles along the spinal column.
Übungstechnik: The athlete positions themselves in a Push-Up position holding 2 equally weighted Dumbbells (a progression would be to hold un-equally weighted Dumbbells).  The athlete must maintain a neutral wrist position when holding the Dumbbells.  After balance is achieved, the athlete pulls the Dumbbell to a height where the elbow flexes to 90o.  During the row movement, the athlete should maintain stable position, and not roll their hips.
Optionen zur Übung Progression: Progressions for this exercise include increasing the number of reps and sets completed, increasing the weight of the Dumbbell lifted, or by changing the stability demands of the exercise.  For example the athlete could incorporate a push-up during each rep, or the could extend 1-Leg off the ground to increase the activation of the spine and leg extensors..


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