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Übung: Brustfly (Butterfly) mit den Kabeln

The Cable Chest Flye is an exercise that strengthens the upper body while promoting dynamic stability through the Torso. Athletes involved in overhead throwing or contact sport should incorporate this exercise into their upper body strength training routines as shoulder stability the primary advantage of this exercise.

Primär trainierten Muskelgruppen: Pectoralis Major & Minor, Triceps Brachii (Long & Medial heads), Anterior Deltoid, Coracobrachials, und Serratus Anterior.
Übung Technik-Tipps: Begin this exercise by grabbing one handle and pulling the arm towards the middle of the body. Hold this arm stable, while rotating the torso so that your free hand can grab the 2nd handle. Pull your arm to the middle of the body. Your elbows should be slightly flexed, so that the arm is extended to approximately 170o. Maintain this degree of elbow flexion throughout the entire set (as the degree of elbow flexion increases, the amount of work done by the chest muscles decrease). Slowly, with a neutral spine, with shoulder stability, and a controlled tempo, allow the arms to extend (abduct)to a point where the hands / wrists are in-line with the shoulders. During abduction, the hands should not extend behind the shoulders, as this will place too much stress on the shoulder joint, and / or the myotendinous junction within the Pectoris muscles. Maintaining a forward chest angle, the athlete then, with the pectorals, pulls the arms together, with the hands meeting in the midline of the torso. 
Optionen zur Übung Progression: Weight, reps, sets, speed, changing the recovery intervals between sets


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