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PTS - The source for Sport and Athletic Training.  We are specialized in Athlete Development.

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2013 Events
Date Competition Distance Location Participation Status
17. March Grüttpark Run 10km Grüttpark, Lörrach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany Participant & Coach
7. April 10. Freiburg 1/2 Marathon 21.1 Km Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany Participant & Coach
12. May Schluch Lake Run 18.5 Km Schluch Lake, Baden-Württemberg, Germany Participant & Coach
20 May Victoria Duathlon 10km / 40Km / 5Km Waterloo, ON, Canada Participant & Coach
9 June Rheinfelden Triathlon Olympic Dist: 1,2Km / 43Km / 10Km Rheinfelden, Switzerland Participant & Coach
20 June City Run 6.2 Km Lörrach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany Participant & Coach
15 June Schopfheim Triathlon 0,4 Km / 21 Km / 5 Km Schopfheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany Participant & Coach
14 July Freiburg Triathlon 0,4 Km / 28.5 Km / 5 Km Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg Participant & Coach
21 July Schluch Lake Triathlon - Black Forest International Championships Olympic Dist: 1.5Km / 40Km / 10Km Schluch Lake, Baden-Württemberg Participant & Coach
18 August Breisgau Triathlon 0.7Km / 32Km / 7,5Km   Participant & Coach
22 Sept. Basel 1/2 Marathon 21.1Km Basel, Switzerland Participant & Coach
13 October Münich 1/2 Marathon 21.1Km Münich, Germany  

2013 Symposium and Conference Schedule
Date Congress | Symposium | Conference Location Participation Status
12 Jan Swiss Young Researchers Competition - Regional Workshop Bern, Switzerland Consultant | Fachperson
14-15 Feb Association of Swiss Sport Scientists - Annual Conference Basel, Switzerland Registrant
4 - 5 May Association of Swiss Sport Scientists - National Competition Luzern, Switzerland Consultant
6 - 8 June SVDE - Swiss Association of Registered Dieticians Annual Congress Zürich, Switzerland Registrant
5. Sept. 4. Zürich Forum for Applied Sport Sciences ETH Zürich, Switzerland Registrant
26 - 28 Sept. & 3 - 5 Oct. Swiss Ice Hockey Trainer Qualification Course Dielsdorf, Switzerland Registrant
25 - 30 November "Health Week 2013", Maxx! Gesundheitszentren Steinen, Germany Presenter - Sport Science

2012 Events
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