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PTS Doping Prevention Services

PTS - The source for Sport and Athletic Training. We are specialized in Athlete Development.
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The quest for improved performance drives the motivation of many athletes. Whether young or experienced, a recreational, national or international athlete, the drive to improve one's personal performance naturally lends to the trial of new training methods, new trainers and support personnel, new nutrition and recovery strategies.

Competitive Sport is structured with rules to provide safe, fair, and equal grounds on which athletes can compete against one another where elements of natural physical ability, strategy, and preparation make the difference between successful performance and defeat. These rules include regulations concerning Performance Enhancing substances and methods, as outlined in the World Anti-Doping Code, and governed by the World Anti-Doping Agency. These rules are very specific, and dictate that every athlete is responsible for what is in their body, and that they are accountable, along with athlete support-personnel, for competing clean and clear of any prohibited substance or enhancement method.

Although, what is Doping? How can you or your athletes prevent it? What is a Therapeutic Use Exemption?

As an active member in the Fight against Doping in Sport, PTS provides a variety of anti-doping education services and resources to our clients. We provide Anti-Doping consulting services to athletes, teams, and sport groups.
PTS is a Member of the True Sport Movement

PTS is a Member of the 'Professionals Against Doping in Sports'
PTS Anti-Doping Services

- Athletic Training Consultation
- Sports Nutrition and Dietary Supplement Consultation with our Director of Sports Nutrition
- Our network of Doctors specializing in Sport Medicine
- Anti-Doping Presentations (targeted to Sport Teams and Sport Groups)
- Anti-Doping Education Materials

*For further information on PTS Doping Prevention Services, please fill out our On-Line form.

PTS and the Fight against Doping in Sport

PTS discusses the fight against Doping in Sport with the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport.

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5 Nov. 2010 - Ottawa, Canada

PTS becomes a signatory of, and becomes a Member of the True Sport Movement

14 Oct. 2010


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