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  Creatine Supplementation  

In recent years, creatine has become a leading exercise and sport nutrition supplement for its reported performance enhancing effects. It is reported that creatine posses an ergogenic effect (an ability to increase energy production and utilization), and that it provides the basis for increased workload and power outputs.

It is thought that higher energy outputs provides an athlete with an ability exert higher efforts, more frequently with shorter rest. This reported enhanced energy production allows the training or performing athlete to push more repetitions or exert higher force and power outputs, of higher intensity over shorter recovery periods. In terms of training this provides the foundation for developing greater training adaptations; increased strength, power, and hypertrophic gains, and provides the performing athlete the ability to execute faster sprint, higher jumps, and more powerful outputs more frequently, creating a competitive advantage.

Performance Training Systems is dedicated to providing each client with credible, current, peer-reviewed scientific literature concerning those issues relevant to their training and their performance. Review the links below for further discussion on elements of creatine supplementation.

It is the position of Performance Training Systems that the training and competitive athlete does not require creatine supplementation to enhance their performance. While PTS fully recognizes and respects the decision of the World Anti Doping Agency to keep Creatine off it's prohibited list of performance enhancing forms, functions, and methods, and the volume of supporting literature, the conditioning coaches at PTS beleive strategic program design can elicit energy system adapatations equal to those induced through creatine supplementation. Train Smart, Train Hard, and Train Natural.

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