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Exercise: Quadruped External Hip Rotation with Leg Extion & Flexion

This Hip mobilization exercise is ideal for training the external hip rotators, the hip adductors and loosening tight muslces.

The exercise can be integrated into dynamic warm-up or cool-down programs, mobilization training, and for athletes engaged in repetitive cyclinc movement patterns (strength athletes, cyclists, runners etc.) needing to "open" tight hips.

Athletes with a stiff back, or tight hips should consider integrating this exercise into their routines.

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Primary Muscle Groups: Gluteus Maximus and Minimus, hip adductors, the deep Hip muscles, and muscles of the deep back and pelvis.
Technique Ques: The athlete begins this exercise on "all-fours", in the "Quadruped" position.  The athlete proceeds by attempting to flatten their low back, and holding a neutral spine before simultaneously externally rotation the hip of 1 leg. The athlete wants to maintain 90o of knee flexion throughout the duration of the repetition. The goal of each rep is to lift (externally rotate) the hip as far as possible. After reaching their max height / degree of external rotation, the athlete then extends their leg as far as possible before pulling the knee back through knee and hip flexion returning to the "start" position.
When extending the leg the athlete should feel a pull along the inside of their leg.
Throughout the entire repetition, the athlete should prevent any rolling of the low back or pelvis.
Options for Progression: The athlete can progress this exercise by increasing the number of reps and sets.

Exercise Variations:

Glute Pushes
Quadruped External Hip Rotation
Deadbug | Supine Quadruped with alternating Arm & Leg Extensions


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